Yes or No 2.5

Yes or No 2.5

Other name: Yes or No 2.5 กลับมา...เพื่อรักเธอ Yes or No 2.5 กลับมา เพื่อรักเธอ Yes or No 2.5 Klab Ma Pheu Rak The Yes Or No 2.5: Love You, Baby


Wine, a photographer, and Pii, a chef, are roommates. Their lives suddenly change when Pim and Fah move in next door. The two girls are Wine’s junior back in the university, and Pim also happens to be Wine’s first love, whom she still couldn't forget.

Upon meeting each other once again, Pim is now with her boyfriend. Wine is hurt to discover the news. Pii, wishing to save Wine from the heartache, tries to set her best friend up with Fah, Pim’s roommate. However, things get complicated when Fah starts to develop feelings for Pii instead.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Friendship; Lesbian; life; Romance;

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