1448 Love Among Us (2014)

1448 Love Among Us (2014)

Other name: รักเราของใคร Love Among Us


Pim and Nam Incubation love together since childhood until college.

The difference between the ages ... making Pim and Nam have more space between them. Nam is clear that the old rules of adult life, and wanted Pim to follow him.Nam tried to persuade Pim go to Study in Japan with him.But Pim also satisfied with a simple life with her family.When love is in a different way.Important decisions must be made.! Both then went separate ways, but also mourned together.

When it conflicts with their way of life, whether they choose to emulate one.

Lament of Pim was comforted by Pat. who made Pim discover the identity of her own.Pat is a girl who has the discretion not currently on life and love over social values.

Pat is a senior assisted pim,She is encouraging pim constantly having problems in love with Nam.And was the spark the subconscious pim perturbed out.

Strange Love out from that recognition and acceptance of society.

Cause both problems and obstacles.Parents of Pim, try to understand and support her for not wanting to offend.But it seems that Pat will be anxiety in the mind, because she knew her parents think.

In real life people, marriage is just the beginning.

Whether married to anyone, at any time of life to be experienced both joy and sorrow mixed.In the end, the love between women is Pat with Pim, will end up?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Family; Lesbian; Romance; Tragedy;

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