Pee Nak 2 (2020)

Pee Nak 2 (2020)

Other name: พี่นาค 2


Peace has returned to Thamma Nakanimitr Temple after Monk Nong, Monk First and Monk Balloon completed the mission to fulfill their pledges and won the battle with the ghost of Nak Nont. The three monks hope to spend a peaceful life in the saffron robe. But not so fast. Something happens, so Monk Balloon and Monk First secretly pack their bags and leave the monkhood in the middle of the night. Monk Nong remains at the temple haunted by spirits, with Novice Nott and Odd staying with him. Some time passes, and another unexpected turn: Balloon and First return to the temple, bruised, tortured and shocked. After they left the temple, the two gay men wanted to live a secular life, but a new ghost pursued them and terrorized them so aggressively that they decided to come back to seek refuge in monkhood again. Since the temple is cursed – no monk can leave unharmed – the two men are facing another chaos. Even though the new ghost keeps haunting them, there’s light at the end of the joss stick when Balloon and First meet Toh Min-jun, a hot Korean-Thai singer who’s going to be ordained at the same temple.Why is it impossible for monks at this temple to disrobe and leave? Will the two gay friends, Balloon and First, survive until the day they are ordained again?

Director: Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Horror;

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