Net Deception

Net Deception


Net Deception (Traditional Chinese: ????) is a Hong Kong television crime drama serial released overseas in January 2004 and broadcast on Hong Kong's Jade network from 17 May to 9 June 2006.The beginning isn’t bad but it gets sad in some scenes, so have a box of tissue beside you just in case you cry. I don’t want to spoil this for people who haven’t watched it yet, so I won’t be saying to much. Yiu Shing Tin (Wong Hei) is a businessman, but there is more to that... he is a CRIMINAL. This genius expert technological criminal loves to challenge justice. He believes that his actions only become crimes when he is arrested by the police. However, this genius is not always perfect and Wong has a weak point - emotion. Unable to handle his emotional affairs, Wong meets his half-sister Kong Kin Yee (Myolie Wu), with whom he shares a father.Commercial crime investigator Chong Chin Pang (Eddie Kwan) sends a police cadet Tong Ka Ming (Jack Wu) to infiltrate Yiu Shing Tin's software house as an undercover agent. Would Yiu Shing Tin be fooled? Will he find out? He wants to play a game, to change Tong Ka Ming into someone just like himself! Another character wanting to change someone is Kong Kin Yee. She finds out accidentally about Yiu Shing Tin's computer crimes and she wants to change his bad ways. At this time, she finds out that her former boyfriend is a undercover agent who wants to arrest Yiu Shing Tin. She feels so sad not knowing what step to take next because one is her boyfriend and the other is her brother.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Action;

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