Vampire Warriors

Vampire Warriors


The prolific filmmaker of cult favorites like Bad Blood and Womb Ghosts, Dennis Law takes it upon himself to reinvent and possibly resurrect the Hong Kong vampire flicks. While The Twins Effects demonstrated how to take a modern spin on the old horror sub-genre with stylish action and hot idols, Law's Vampire Warriors offers an intriguing mix of thrilling violence, jaw-dropping special effects, and outrageous comedy elements for a no-holds-barred campy fun ride. With Herman Yau on cinematography and Nicky Li on fight choreography, the over-the-top fantasy actioner stars Mainland action starlet Jiang Luxia (True Legend) opposite veteran kung fu actors Yuen Wah and Chin Siu Ho from the classic Mr. Vampire. Sexy model/actresses Chrissie Chau, A.Lin, DaDa Lo, and Rachel Lam are responsible for the eye-candy factor, with Pinky Cheung and Xiong Xinxin coming in for cameo appearances. Ever since time immemorial, vampires have lurked in the shadow of the human world. Young vampire hunter Ya (Jiang Luxia) lives in a deserted slaughterhouse near a family of benign bloodsuckers Si (Chrissie Chau), Long (Chin Siu Ho), and Li (Rock Ji). The peace is ripped to pieces when a vicious vampire named Meng (Yuen Wah) emerges out of nowhere to slay his fellow vampires. Ya's sister Su (Pinky Cheung) and Si's friends Jia (DaDa Lo), Lin (A.Lin), and Bi (Rachel Lam) fall victim to Meng's fangs one by one. Unfortunately, no one is his match as he gets more powerful with every kill. In order to avenge her friends and rid the earth of this menace, Ya decides to sacrifice herself by asking Si to make her a vampire before the final showdown at the slaughterhouse...

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama; Vampire;

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